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Unlimited Cloud to Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

One in three users experience data loss in cloud applications like Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite. There is an alternative. With Datto SaaS Protection, we can protect you against accidental or malicious deletion, ransomware attacks, and other cloud data loss.

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Shared Responsibility For Data Security

While cloud service providers, like Microsoft and Google, are responsible for the security of the cloud itself, businesses must maintain their own network and data security.

Business Responsibility:

Security In The Cloud

Data Backup

Devices (Mobile & PCs)

Accounts & Identifiers

SaaS providers must maintain backups at various geolocations to ensure global availability and protect against natural disasters.

Provider Responsibility:

Security Of The Cloud

Physical Infrastructure

Apps & Operating Systems

Network Controls

BUT, businesses must act to protect data loss events - guarding against malware, hardware failures, and human error.

Microsoft and Google must maintain the availability of their applications and protect their servers from disaster scenarios, but the end user is responsible for the data being created within their applications.

This Shared Responsibility model means that many providers don’t offer any guarantees around restores and that you’re on your own should attacks like ransomware strike. In fact, most advise their customers to implement a backup strategy using native or third-party tools.

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Why Does Shared Responsibility Matter?

A Comprehensive Solution for SaaS Data

You can feel confident that with SaaS Protection, your cloud data is protected with a reliable, robust solution designed to reduce the risk and time needed to manage backups.

office 365 backup & disaster recovery

  • Unlimited storage per user

  • outlook, onedrive & sharepoint

  • one license per mailbox

  • datto saas protection

  • 24/7/365 support

Google G Suite backup & disaster recovery

  • Unlimited storage per user

  • gmail & Google drive

  • one license per mailbox

  • datto saas protection

  • 24/7/365 support

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