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Data Recovery Services

Being troubled by losing precious data, what would you do to rescue those files? Be it photos, videos, documents, or more. We can recover them from all kinds of data loss scenarios.

When data disappears from a system, it may not be recoverable. However, in the majority of cases, some, if not all, of the missing data remains stored in an inaccessible partition of the storage device and can be extracted with appropriate tools. 

Whether the file was trashed by accident, removed by a virus, or was intentionally deleted and needed later, our powerful utility can help bring it back to life. Easy as one, two, three.

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We have specialist software which penetrates every layer of your storage drive to recover all available data.

Lost Data Recovery

Delete operations like tapping "Delete," pressing "Shift+Delete," or emptying the Recycle Bin are the main culprits for data loss in daily life. Luckily, our data recovery software perfectly supports deleted data recovery in such situations.

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Partition Recovery

Performing partition recovery is a necessity when partitions get lost, deleted, RAW, and inaccessible. Our effectiveness-based file recovery software will recover files from the partition effortlessly.

Formatted File Recovery

Whether you format the storage device accidentally or intentionally, the consequences are the same: All the files on the storage medium will be lost. The Data Recovery Wizard we utilise is a long-proven solution to recover data from a formatted partition, hard drive, USB drive, memory card, and other storage devices.

Emergency Data Recovery

Although these happen less frequently, disasters like file-infecting virus attacks, unexpected system crashes, and severe boot failures come with data loss issues. It's worth trying to apply a data recovery tool to recover the files hidden and deleted by the malware or data lost because of accidental system shutdown.

Storage Media Recovery

It's quite upsetting when an HDD, SSD or external storage device gets damaged, corrupted, or becomes inaccessible. With our Data Recovery Wizard, there is a high chance to retrieve files from a seem-to-be-dead internal/external HDD, SSD, USB drive, SD card and other supported devices.