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unlimited IT Support & Cyber security


Unlimited Remote IT Helpdesk Support

Our IT support is truly unlimited. We do not impose a cap on the number of calls, emails or tickets raised over any set period of time and our UK-based telephone, email and ticketing support team are on hand to provide quality IT support.


Whether you are a one man band, small to medium business or an enterprise with nationwide offices, our commitment and response times remain the same. Our staff are trained to deal with complex issues and will liaise with affected endpoint users to investigate and provide maintenance to get your systems back up and running.

Remote IT Support
Proactive Remote Monitoring and Management

Proactive Remote Monitoring

Automated monitoring and notification of issues to mitigate risks before they become disruptive to your business.

Remote Monitoring & Management

Our Security-Centric Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform is a single, turnkey solution which employs a 24-hour monitoring solution that alerts us to issues within your infrastructure, often before the issue presents itself to the endpoint user. We are able to remotely access the affected endpoint in order to carry out remedial works and facilitate the productivity of your business.

Site Security Assessment

We utilise our Site Security Assessment to measure the security posture of your infrastructure by analyzing patch and password management, antivirus status, and network security levels, in order to easily identify network vulnerabilities and provide remediation recommendations. The output of these assessments can be reviewed periodically to track security history and improvement over time.

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Managed Antivirus

The evolving nature of Malware is an ever-present threat to businesses. Understanding how to identify malicious links, emails and programs in an age where cyber criminals employ ever more sophisticated tools to penetrate systems often seems impossible. 


Whilst no security system can be 100% effective, we can help you utilise the best tools to stay ahead of the scammers to stay as safe as possible. We encourage endpoint users to report anything suspicious to us so that we may investigate and take any remedial steps required.

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Antivirus Ransomware Stats 2
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89% Ransomware NB.png

Managed Email Security + Advanced Threat Protection

Most businesses rely heavily on the use of email, both internally and when corresponding with clients and third parties. Many emails contain sensitive data including personal and financial information, making them an attractive target for cyber criminals to engage in spam, phishing attacks, and malware.

We utilise one of the industry’s most comprehensive security platforms. Our tools are designed to combat malware and spam, along with more advanced threats such as ransomware and spear-phishing.

Cyber attacks continue to grow in number and sophistication which means email security isn't just a luxury, it's a necessity. Whilst no security tool is guaranteed to be effective 100% of the time, it is vital that the right tools are in place to keep your network and accounts as secure as possible against data loss, unauthorized access and criminal attacks.

Email Security Phishing
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Windows Patch Management

Microsoft Windows Patch Management

Not only do outdated systems affect productivity, exploitation of vulnerabilities in workstations poses a growing threat to businesses. Our Patch Management tools will allow us to access affected workstations remotely in order to carry out updates, optimise processes and apply security measures in order to ensure the efficiency and consistency of your IT infrastructure.

Patch Management tasks are carried out in order to prevent downtime resulting from unplanned lengthy system updates, allowing your staff to carry out their tasks without disruption.

reactive package

  • Unlimited Remote IT Helpdesk Support

  • Baseline Remote Monitoring & Management

  • Remote Support Assistance

  • Comprehensive Reporting

  • Initial Site Security Assessment

reactive Pricing

£25 + VAT
Per endpoint, per  month

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proactive package

  • Unlimited Remote IT Helpdesk Support

  • Enhanced Remote Monitoring & Management

  • Remote Support Assistance

  • Managed Antivirus

  • Managed Email Security + ATP

  • Unlimited Microsoft 365/Google Workspace Backup

  • Endpoint Patch Management

  • Comprehensive Reporting

  • Initial Site Security Assessment

proactive Pricing

£40 + VAT
Per endpoint, per month

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Please note that we may offer discounts on these packages for businesses that have more than 10 Endpoints.
Please get in touch to discuss any potential discounts that we may be able to offer.